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Complete men's winter pajamas in cashmere. - Seraph collar sweater with 3 buttons - Neapolitan lucky horn - Elbow patches - Trousers with elastic - Plain + lace-up pattern - Cuffs on the shirt and trousers at the ends - 60% Cotton 15% Cashmere 20% Microfibre 5% A.F - Made in Italy Since the mid-1950s the Boccalatte family has been producing and creating pajamas and dressing gowns in Italy, always with the same care and attention to detail, in full respect of the ancient Italian tailoring tradition, but also ready to understand and use the techniques more modern to ensure perfect garments. Today as then, our intent is to make known and appreciated the Italian culture of "creating" rather than simply "making" clothing. With the hope that the item purchased corresponds to these standards, in thanking you for your preference, we wish you GOLD DREAMS. SIZE GUIDE:48 M - 50 L - 52 XL - 54 2XL - 56 3XL

Men's Winter Cashmere Pajamas CIB Posillipo

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