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Technical features
Three-dimensional BREEZE TENCEL 350 gsm
Composition: 74% polyester - 13% Tencel (lyocell) - 13% Nilit Breeze (polyamide)
Inner lining: 100% cotton jersey of 130 gsm
Polyurethane foam
Density: 30 kg / m3
Removable with zip
Suitable for
Adults and the elderly with circulation problems, pregnant women
Height: 4 to 16 cm

Why choose it
Designed to alleviate the ailments caused by circulation problems or venous insufficiency, the leg lift cushion is able to guarantee the correct support of the legs and knees. The raised position of the legs, both supine and lateral, is very effective in relaxing tired and swollen legs also due to inflamed varicose veins or venous stasis.

The wavy anatomical shape allows the legs to rest on the pillow in a natural and comfortable way, proving to be a support particularly suitable for all pregnant women who suffer from tiredness and swelling in the legs but also for overweight subjects who complain of pain or fatigue in the lower limbs .


The padding is made of polyurethane foam and maintains its original shape even after several years of use, thus making it completely non-deformable. It is protected by an external covering in three-dimensional Breeze Tencel fabric that has anti-mite, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermoregulating properties.

Ergonomic leg lift cushion to support legs and knees Avail. CE0 doctor

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